Potential Vendors

Potential Vendors

If you are interested in becoming a vendor with space at The Foundry Mall, we kindly ask that you gather the following information and e-mail your compilation to info@thefoundrymall.com. Please include your contact information in your e-mail so The Foundry Mall can contact you by phone, as well as e-mail.


  • Photos, or links to online photos, reflecting the type of merchandise that you wish to sell.
  • Photos showcasing your ability to promote and display your merchandise. Close attention to detail is suggested and appreciated.
  • Preferred booth/wall size. A full description is provided below. *Please be aware that not all sizes are currently available. Give us your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd size choices.
  • Desired date to move in and begin selling your merchandise at The Foundry Mall.

If you need more information, please call 601-487-8350.

PRICES ARE BASED ON $2.00/sq. ft. per month

Dimensions Square Feet $2.00/sq. ft. per month
6’ X 8’ 48 $ 96.00/mo.
7’ X 10’ 70 $140.00/mo.
8’ X 10’ 80 $160.00/mo.
8’ X 9’ 72 $144.00/mo.
9’ X 9’ 81 $162.00/mo.
7’ X 16’ 112 $224.00/mo.
10’ X 14’ 140 $280.00/mo.
8’ X 15’ 120 $240.00/mo.
8’ X 20’ 160 $320.00/mo.
18’ X 18’ (-41) 283 $566.00/mo.
Display/Jewelry Case: Deep $ 50.00/mo.
Display/Jewelry Case: Mid. $ 40.00/mo.
8’ Wall $ 48.00/mo.
4’ Wall $ 25.00/mo.

*Other booth sizes may be available. Ask for details.



  • Three (3), Six (6) and 12-month leases available.
  • One-month lease reserved for seasonal vendors. Call for availability.
  • A 12% commission is assessed by The Foundry Mall.
  • A 3% charge for credit card purchases is assessed by The Foundry Mall.
  • Booths with electrical outlets are charged an additional $10.00/mo.
  • The first months rent and a deposit of equal amount are due at lease signing.
  • Sales tax will be collected and paid by The Foundry Mall
  • Tenant must be pre-approved by Landlord/Management regarding the type of merchandise being sold and a general idea of how it will be displayed. Tenant can e-mail photos, examples of booth display and types of items in advance of signing lease.
  • Tenant shall make use of the leased premises for no other purpose than to sell merchandise approved by Landlord. Tenant shall not conduct or permit any practice which may cause harm or nuisance to the premises or other tenants on the premises. No other business or conduct which is unlawful or a violation of any public or city ordinance will be permitted. Under no circumstances shall the tenant sublease this space.
  • Merchandise being brought in or taken out of The Foundry Mall must be verified by Landlord/Management for inventory control.
  • Merchandise must have The Foundry Mall price tags to ensure correct ownership and payment. Description and pricing information may be e-mailed or given to Landlord/Management for entry into the Mall’s inventory/sales system. Prior notice by tenant will help expedite this process. Tags will then be given to tenant to securely attach to merchandise.
  • Any items used for display purposes only, need to be clearly marked with NOT FOR SALE.
  • Landlord will not be responsible for incorrectly tagged items.
  • Tenant is responsible for all display fixtures such as shelves, display cabinets and racks.
  • Tenant agrees to maintain premises in a good, clean and safe order.
  • Tenant-made additions to premises require Landlord/Management approval prior to installation. Painting of booths must be approved by Landlord/Management. Tenant agrees to display merchandise in a manner that allows both customer and staff complete access to all merchandise. Tenant agrees to restock and clean booth on a regular basis (weekly or as needed). Tenant agrees to display merchandise within the parameters of their booth. Tenant agrees to stock, display and maintain booth during business hours. All tenants will vacate store prior to close unless prior arrangements have been made with Landlord/Management.
  • Tenant agrees that Landlord shall not be held responsible or liable for any damage to tenant or tenant's property arising from any actions, negligence or suits of tenants, any tenant of the building of which the premises are a part, or due to any other causes whatsoever. Tenant agrees to hold Landlord harmless from any and all claims for any damage to or theft of any properties and for any product liability claims.
  • Tenant agrees that Landlord does not and will not at any time, provide for fire, theft or damage insurance or any other insurance concerning tenant’s property.